The Future Of Consumer Electronics And Online Shopping

In the age of rocket ships and satellite transmission, we can now travel the world at the speed of light. No doubt, we live in quick and accessible world today. In addition, it is the reason why I started my article this way. I want to elucidate about how legality made possible to such protocol.

In this regards, notary public are now accessible over the net. Let me first begin by denoting the meaning of notary public:” `a notary public is used to witness and authenticate on legal documents”. A notary often licensed in his home state, in the course of the secretary of state. Notaries in addition can manage oaths, according to the Nolo website. The notarization procedure is speedy: it typically starts on the observer of the events, like signing a document, and ends with the notary signing and stamping it.

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• In any profession that holds, rights to Rule (like a notary public) an official must have integrity. For the purpose that he/she holds the right to justify, and has the responsibility to act as an impartial witness. Notaries required by the law to witness the signing of some legal important documents, by the power vested in them they can ascertain the identity of the person, and helps to assess their willingness to sign. With the instruction that they have to follow, they hold the power to put the signer under oaths.

• For ethics, a document must not be notarized if this upholds personal interest, because the notary must remain unbiased at all time. In contrast, it is unlawful to refuse to notarize a document because of a person’s race. It should not create animosity among the race, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation or the status as a non-customer.

• Due to legality, lawmakers are extremely concerned about the prevalence of digital signatures that may preclude a signer from personally appearing. To prove the identity of the person notaries are required to verify the identity of the person by the means of law, it could be in the form of identification documents that will suffice the legality of the person. In the result to enacted electronic notarization laws they found out, laws are possible to harm consumers, insurers and lenders because the like hood and fraud increased. “Such harmful legislation has been driven by technology rather than by principal.” This was quoted as the outcome of the prevalence electronic notary.

• Electronic notary has speedy and accessibility in nature, it is the reason why electronic notarization is in demand. Although, there are controversies dealing with the fraud that is rampant over the net. In this inquiry electronic notarization to be legal, it has to meet detailed technological requirements, and signatures required to be encrypted and well known in a courtyard of law in accordance with the forensic examination.


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